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Supercomputing LLVM BOF

2019 Supercomputing LLVM Compiler Birds of a Feather


The LLVM compiler infrastructure is a core open-source project powering compilers and language-processing tools, both open source and proprietary, across the HPC ecosystem. In this BoF, a group of LLVM experts who are driving the development of LLVM will give short presentations of their work, then answer your questions on LLVM and its future in HPC.

Our experts will include core LLVM developers as well as contributors from ARM, Intel, NVIDIA, and other vendors.

Our goal is to connect you with LLVM experts so that you understand some of the uses of LLVM, and they understand what tools and LLVM enhancements you desire.


Date/Time: Wed Nov 20, 5:15pm-6:45pm Room: 501-502